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Pick a Card for the March Full Moon!

March 8 Card Pick.jpg

The energy for this week and this full moon is quite strong. I decided to do a pick a card today for the full moon and the end of Mercury Retrograde. The deck I'm using is the Moonology deck by Yasmin Boland.

So, take a deep breath, relax and pick the card you are drawn to. Once you have picked your card, scroll down for your reveal.

Card 1 (Left)

The card is "Don't let your past hold you back.". This card is your reminder that just because things played out a certain way in the past doesn't...

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March Energy Update


Welcome to March! February was fun, wasn't it? I have no doubt that March will be equally as powerful, if not more powerful. Depending on who you follow in the spiritual circles, some say that March will be a very powerful month energetically, with many of us facing extreme transitions in our lives. Yes, that's code for change. Are you ready?

Below you'll find the event calendar for March! These are the important dates you should be aware of.

  • March 3 - 3/3 Energy Portal
  • March 9 - Full Moon...

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About this Kyle Thing...

right and wrong.jpg

I remember when Doreen Virtue reverted back to Christianity and denounced her own work. She no longer wanted anything to do with the tarot cards and books she'd made and written. She asked the publisher, Hay House, to remove her name from everything. She asked for any profits to go to charity. She fully and completely walked away from her work. As I say now, she went back to sleep.

The community around her went into convulsions. Everybody wanted a refund. People started selling off her work...

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  • “I’m very pleased to feel I am continuing to educate my brain and heart regardless of my age, and available time. Laura Bungarz is currently my educator, mentor, coaching person. I appreciate Laura immensely.

    Technology was not even a thing, when I attended high school and college. Books and human teachers. That was it! Online courses sounded like a great thing...after MY education days. Casual learning. Learn at your own pace.

    Laura has offered challenges for me to take on, ignited many fiery questions directed in me, and is able to create a drive to continue learning more about me.
    Her courses offer prompt answers to any questions I’ve had, instructional videos, and available printable material. I did not feel rushed through any of the suggested exercises or pressured to answer questions within.
    Laura Bungarz is able to offer several courses with various price ranges to choose.
    I will continue taking courses from Laura. A new course started today. ENERGY filled!! There’s quite the library of materials Laura’s offering, and it expands, seems like, daily. The information on her FB pages are bursting with information and insights.
    She has a lot going on. It’ll only take a few minutes to check her out. Thank you, for reading this review. Thank you, Laura. ”