If It's Not Yours, Don't Pick It Up!

What if you didn't have to take everything on? 

What if there was a way to consciously decide what to pick up and not pick up?

In my e-book, If It's Not Yours, Don't Pick It Up, I talk about all the ways we tend to take things on and provide solutions for how to stop doing that.

The book is only $2.99 CAD and available in either EPUB or PDF format. You will be able to download it immediately on the Thank You page once the purchase is complete.

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What's In the E-Book?

These are just some of things you'll find in this short read e-book!

Advice for Empaths

Get a grip on all of the emotional energy you tune into every day. It doesn't belong to you anyway.

The News and Social Media

Learn to tune out the news and limit social media without feeling like you're putting your head in the sand.

Family and Friends

We all have people we care about. Figure out how to allow people to experience their own lives. We can't protect them.

Learn How To...

  • Clear your energy field daily.
  • Consciously become aware of your perspective and realize you're not tied to it.
  • Stop reacting to what's going on around you unconsciously.
  • Consciously decide what to take on and what not to without feeling like you have to do anything.
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What People Are Saying

  • Master Your Year

    “I’m very pleased to feel I am continuing to educate my brain and heart regardless of my age, and available time. Laura Bungarz is currently my educator, mentor, coaching person. I appreciate Laura immensely. ”


It's Quick!

This is a quick, easy read that will only take you 20 to 30 minutes to complete! 

It'll help you shift your perspective so that you can feel better more often! 

It costs less than a cup of coffee and is worth every penny! Click the Buy Now! button below to get yours!

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