Pick a Pile for April 22, 2020

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Happy New Moon!

Most weeks I offer card picks with video reveals. This week however, I'm just not up for it so I've decided to go ahead and offer a much simpler pick a pile with a written reveal in this blog. 

I've used two decks today. The first is my Lenormand Oracle Card deck and the second is the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. I find the combination of Lenormand and Tarot to be a very in-depth reading. The two types of cards play off of each other very well.

Below, pick your pile from the left, 1, 2, or 3 and then scroll down to see what you chose!

Pile 1

The cards in pile 1 are the Stork and Death. 

When we think of the stork we think of the old story of how babies are brought to their parents. The stork is the symbol of new beginnings. If you've picked this pile something new is being born into your experience during this moon cycle. You're in the process of creation right now and so good things and new experiences are coming.

But as it happens, when we want to bring new into our lives, it often means making room for it by releasing something else. That is the meaning of the Death card in tarot. Yes, it can be about actual death, but not so this time. It is about endings and the releasing of the things that are no longer working for us. 

These cards are the perfect symbols of beginnings and endings. What are you bringing in? What are you letting go of? 

Stay out of fear during this time. Change can be scary. But I promise it'll be worth it.

Stay strong!

Pile 2

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The cards for pile 2 are the Snake and the 8 of Cups. 

The Snake in Lenormand Oracle can be about desire and seduction. It can also be about knowledge and wisdom and how you use those things to get what you want. 

The 8 of Cups is about walking away and letting go of something. The something can be anything from a relationship that's no longer working to the house you want to move out of or the car that needs replacing. What are you wanting to walk away from right now?

In combination, these cards could be asking you to use your wisdom and knowledge to help you as you walk away from what's no longer working for you. Maybe you're being guided to make the changes and you know what these changes are. Use your power to make choices, attract what you want to you and walk away from the old. 

These cards could also indicate that you are being seduced by the lure of a new beginning that may not be as wonderful as you think it could be. They may be cautioning you to think carefully about what you're doing before moving forward. Not everything may be as it appears. Watch for clues because you are being given guidance.

These cards may also be a reminder that you are not stuck. You have the ability and the know-how to create the change you wish to see in your world. Move forward without fear. It's going to be okay.

Pile 3

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The cards in this pile are the Man and the Sun.

The man represents either the person you're inquiring about with this reading or a person that may be coming into your experience. If you're inquiring about somebody it may represent you or somebody else. If it represents somebody new coming in, you may or may not know the person already. Additionally, the person may not be a male. I know the card shows a man and there is a woman card in the deck as well, however, this person you're inquiring about could be of either gender. 

The Sun represents the hope for the future and possibly a new beginning. There are a number of possibilities for this combination.

Maybe there is a new relationship beginning for you, romantic or otherwise and this relationship will bring you some sense of hope for things to come.

Maybe you're receiving intuitive messages of hope or joy for yourself either through your own intuitive gifts or somebody that is already around you.

Maybe somebody is or will be helping you to create a new beginning for yourself in some way.

Maybe you are searching for the sun in your own life right now, looking for the positive in what is happening. You will find what it is you seek.

Remain positive!

Those are the card reveals for this week. I hope they resonated with you! If not, reach out for a personal reading from me. I offer 5-card email tarot readings by donation. Live tarot readings can also be done. Please check out my website or message me with any questions or requests you have!





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