Pick a Card for the March Full Moon!

March 8 Card Pick.jpg

The energy for this week and this full moon is quite strong. I decided to do a pick a card today for the full moon and the end of Mercury Retrograde. The deck I'm using is the Moonology deck by Yasmin Boland.

So, take a deep breath, relax and pick the card you are drawn to. Once you have picked your card, scroll down for your reveal.

Card 1 (Left)

The card is "Don't let your past hold you back.". This card is your reminder that just because things played out a certain way in the past doesn't mean they will play out that way again. One failure is not a life sentence. It is a learning experience. You have evolved since then. Take that experience to move forward and try again. You will be okay. 
It is safe to release the past and move forward now. You are strong, wiser, more centred and focused than you were then. Move forward with confidence that all will be well. Trust yourself.

Card 2 (Middle)

The card is "Adjustments are required.". The card is reminding you to adjust your alignment. You're not yet in alignment with what you're trying to create. Either you've let your mind take over and the voice in your head is having fits, or you're still in some level of fear. This will keep you stuck. 
It is important to get a grip on the voice in your head and release any fear or worry you may have. Once you adjust your alignment, whatever it is you're trying to create will manifest. All is well.

Card 3 (Right)

The card is "Take time to breathe out.". I know it feels like we're moving at a million miles an hour sometimes, but it's important to breathe. You are allowed to take a break. You don't have to keep up the crazy pace you've been at.
Remember to take care of yourself. You can't give from an empty tank. Honour your own needs and put boundaries in place to do that if you need to. Everything will get done in due time. Relax!

I hope those messages resonated with you.

Happy Full Moon and love to all!



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