March Energy Update


Welcome to March! February was fun, wasn't it? I have no doubt that March will be equally as powerful, if not more powerful. Depending on who you follow in the spiritual circles, some say that March will be a very powerful month energetically, with many of us facing extreme transitions in our lives. Yes, that's code for change. Are you ready?

Below you'll find the event calendar for March! These are the important dates you should be aware of.

  • March 3 - 3/3 Energy Portal
  • March 9 - Full Moon in Virgo
  • March 9 - Mercury Retrograde Ends
  • March 19 - Spring Equinox
  • March 24 - New Moon in Aries

All of this energy is about the ending of karmic cycles, both for the planet and on an individual level. This is being felt by almost everybody in one form or another. 

If you're still trying to hold on, stress and fear will take over. You'll feel like you're stuck and unable to move forward. You'll be waiting for the other shoe to fall, but it won't. It's up to you to let go first. Yes, that means jumping without a parachute. Trust what you're being guided to do.

The more you can allow all this to happen, the easier this will be for you. Everything you want is on the other side of these endings. The spring equinox will be a major marker for many people as their realities will shift right around that time. Just expect a major change, because it'll be happening.

As always, I'll be sharing more about these events in my Facebook group Mastering Your Spiritual Self. Come and join to see what's happening as each of these gets closer.

Sending to love to all on this shift!



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