About this Kyle Thing...

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I remember when Doreen Virtue reverted back to Christianity and denounced her own work. She no longer wanted anything to do with the tarot cards and books she'd made and written. She asked the publisher, Hay House, to remove her name from everything. She asked for any profits to go to charity. She fully and completely walked away from her work. As I say now, she went back to sleep.

The community around her went into convulsions. Everybody wanted a refund. People started selling off her work like it was trash. They just simply went nuts and it made no sense. I still see the odd post about it. It's mind-boggling to me that people are still attached to that story. I have to admit, I don't completely understand the hype around Kyle's mistakes now either.

The story seems to be that Kyle used his "influence" over at least one woman to get laid. True or not, who knows,  but that's the story that one woman wrote in Kyle's Evolving Out Loud (EOL) Facebook group. It sent shockwaves up and down the group.

While I'm in the EOL group, I didn't catch on until it spilled over into another group I pay considerably more attention to.  Once again, people really seem to be struggling with the humanness of the story shared by this one woman. What if Kyle is human and screwed up? What if that's the definition of "evolving out loud"?

Does being a "spiritual teacher or leader" make him indestructible, inhuman or perfect? Absolutely not. Does deciding to go back to Christianity make Doreen evil, a monster or somehow invalid? No, of course not. But we act as if these events somehow change things. Like they aren't supposed to be human, make choices for themselves and live their lives. They are supposed to stay in this perfect, infallible bubble we want to put them in while we try to take in whatever it is they are teaching. 

The standards we give these people are too high and the risk of being disappointed when they don't live up to those standards is even higher. Kyle and Doreen both broke the expectations of large numbers of their followers. So what? 

I know that sounds awful, but none of this is ours. I don't care how many books you bought, how many events you attended or how many tarot and oracle decks you own, this isn't ours. It's their stuff. It's their story. It's their personal journey and it has nothing to do with us.

Doreen's original message and Kyle's current message are both still valid. The messages are still true and they are still good. Doreen's tarot decks still work. They are both human and they are both doing the best they can. Allow them that much. We don't have to like their actions. We don't have to agree with their actions. We don't have to condone their actions. We simply have to allow them to be human and right now, we're not.

Human has never and will never mean perfect and that's the way it's supposed to be. Let them be human and make mistakes. That's what the human journey is all about.





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