Energy Update for the Week of February 9 to 15, 2020

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The newsletter I've been sending out is no longer in alignment with me. When it becomes unaligned it's time to stop, so I am. It's not fear that's creating this as I've sent out many variations of this newsletter. It's just something I don't enjoy doing. So in light of that, I'm going to feel into what I want to create with the newsletter and try something different. Watch for a new version of it in the next couple of weeks as I find something that is better aligned with me.

That said, I still want to give an energy update for the week. I feel like that's one of the most important parts of the newsletter. Even though I share a ton of energy-related material on social media and you all know what's coming long before I write this, it's still important for me to give my own perspective of what's happening.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the full moon in Leo. Judging from my group and the feedback I've been getting, sleep disruptions from the powerful energy of this moon combined with the current high solar wind, have been common. This trend will continue for a couple of days as we move through this energy.

The moon will be at its' peak overnight tonight. It's being brought in with some high solar wind. This is amplifying the Leo energy of the moon. Leo energy is all about safety and security. It's about creating a life that supports us and makes us feel safe. 

Most of us are also in some level of transition, whether that's an internal transition or an external transition, things are changing. This triggers that Leo energy in a big way. They don't like change so much and it makes them feel very off balance when it happens.

The high solar wind adds to the intensity level of the moon but also brings with it some emotional imbalance. It's an energy that we've been feeling for a while. Lots of emotions and memories have been coming up to be released. Combine that with a tremendous need for safety and security and we're bound to feel a little crazy right now.

The key is self-care. Acknowledge the feelings that come up. Allow them to go as that's why they've come up. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Remember that not everybody will be aware of the energy and what's happening. People will be reacting to the energy from a very triggered, victimized place. "Why is this coming up now?" "How come I'm so upset these days?" "I'm mad, grumpy, angry, confused, hurt and traumatized." "I don't want to deal with this right now." All of these questions are common in people that aren't ready to deal with their stuff and that's okay. We have the amazing ability to be able to leave people where they are at. We can love people where they are at too. 

We are also in the shadow period for Mercury Retrograde. As I always do with this particular retrograde I want to remind you not to create problems for yourself. Mercury is about communication, in all forms, including the electronic kind. Having trouble with electronics or having issues communicating with people are the issues likely to be experienced. Unfortunately, many people create their own trouble with things during this retrograde period. If we start expecting our electronics to crash, they will. Stop expecting trouble and just go with the flow. Allow what needs to come up to be shown to you without creating and expecting trouble. Mercury will be in retrograde from February 16 through March 9.

Hold your ground. Stay in as much alignment as you can. Retreat to be alone when you need to. Release emotions as they come up. You are fine. This energy will pass. Everything is happening for a purpose. As Jim Self often says, "You can't take your baggage with you.". You'll feel better when you let it go.

Sending you love this weekend. It may be a tough one for some of you. Please reach out if I can support you in any form, including energy healing. I'm happy to help.

Thanks for your support of my work.

Love to all.



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