What Happens When You Make the Leap?

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As I'm sure you all know by now, at the beginning of 2019 I made the leap and quit my full-time job to once again pursue self-employment. This time though, instead of teaching computers, I was offering tarot and other spiritual guidance. I followed my heart and I leapt. So what happened when I did that?

Within a short period of time, my old life collapsed around me. Everything that was being supported by my job fell away. At the time, it created sheer panic in me as I watched all that debt, all those bills go to collections and simply crumble. The Jeep I had was voluntarily repossessed. I had to let go of the life I had and that included all the bills I was trying to support with my job. It's not that I couldn't create it again, but there were some lessons I had to learn first.

When we make big leaps like moving away from working for others to working for ourselves, we have to be willing to fully let go of our old lives. This isn't just the job, it's the bills, it's the lifestyle, it's the outward perception of what people might think of us, it's the belief that we're not worthy or good enough if the bills aren't paid, that our worth is tied to our bank account, and that employment is only for the purpose of supporting the lifestyle we've chosen for ourselves. These aren't true. None of them are true. We work for the enjoyment of working. We don't work to pay bills. We work because we love it. We are here to fill our days with things that bring us joy and when we do that the money simply flows.

My business has evolved in the last 12 months. I started offering intuitive readings and eventually energy healing. Now I'm moving fully into content creation and courses, no longer offering one-to-one services. It took me a while to get there. The reason I offered one-to-one was because of money. I was scared of not having a way to create an income while I was creating content. That is actually the last big hurdle for me. This is the part where I allow myself to simply do the things I enjoy without worrying about how it's going to support that lifestyle I chose for myself. 

When you follow your heart and you create for the sake of creating instead of for the sake of making money, it changes your flow. It changes what you do and why you do it. I remember thinking to myself just last week, "I wish I could create without worrying about money all the time". It turns out that's exactly what I need to do in order to move forward and end this ridiculous cycle.

If you're considering the leap, if you're wishing you could make the leap, these are the steps:

  1. Commit to making the leap and following your heart. Decide to do what you love.
  2. Trust yourself and have confidence in your own ability.
  3. Stop worrying about what other people think.
  4. Let go of worrying about the lifestyle including the money and the bills. Everything you were supporting with the old job, including the bills, will fall away. Let this happen.
  5. Just do what you love and don't worry about the rest. Let go of the pretense of creation for the purposes of supporting yourself. Create only to create because you love it and for no other reason.
  6. Now you can create your new lifestyle around your new life. Build it the way you want to instead of the way others tell you it should be. This is the true definition of following your heart.

Is this scary?

You bet it sure as hell is!

Is it worth it?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is absolutely worth it.

Showing up in the world the way you want to instead of the way others think you should is so validating and so freeing that you'll never be able to go back. As difficult as things have gotten for me, we've never been unable to pay the rent. We've always had food. There's always been a solution and a way forward. It's always worked out. Even though I panicked a lot at various points, I was always told to trust and relax. The more I did that the better the solution was. The easier it got. 

It is possible. Trust yourself. True the process. Move forward knowing that you can have the life you want. We're not here to pay bills and die. We're not here to work and pay bills. We're here to enjoy ourselves, to live a life we love. Go do it! Show up and lead! Make a difference in the world. We need you.

I love you.




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