Energy Update for the Week of December 29 to January 4, 2020


Happy New Year to all! As this is written we are in the final few days of 2019. The energy has been very strong in the build up to the new year. We’ve had a solar eclipse that was not visible to us in North America, we’ve had a new moon and we’ve had some other energy come in as well.

This week doesn’t bring any major planetary energy. We simply get to bring in 2020. Now that doesn’t mean that things are quiet. The energy will remain very strong, however, prepare for there to be a shift in the energy as the new year approaches. We are transitioning into some new energy in 2020 that will bring with it a powerful shift.

If you are transitioning right now, you are in that wave of energy. It doesn’t matter what the shift is, everybody is in a different place, it only matters that you are working with the energy and allowing the changes to occur. For some this transition may not be an easy one, but it will be necessary. Trust what’s happening for you right now and allow it to happen.

As for a future look into January, here are the dates you need to be aware of:

  • January 1 is the 1/1 Energy Portal

  • January 10 Full Moon in Cancer

  • January 10 Uranus goes Direct

  • January 10 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

  • January 24 New Moon in Aquarius

January is a quiet month in space, however I expect the energy to remain fairly strong through the month. We will be given the opportunity to adjust and settle into the new year energetically. Please make sure to do the clearing work needed from 2019 and make some plans and wish lists for 2020.

Happy New Year to all! If you’re going out to have a good time, do it safely. I’ll be returning to a newsletter format on Sunday, January 5, 2020! See you in the new year!

Love to all!



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